Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And Now, A Little Later On This Wednesday Morning, A Little Bul*s*it? OK?? You Asked For It!! So I'll Try!

Hello...and I thought you might be starving, or slightly hungry, for baseball news as we know it. The Yankees? Read on....

"Momentum continues to build toward Randy Johnson's return to Arizona, as one official involved in the discussions described the odds of such a deal as "good." It appears just a matter of time now before the Yankees ship the Big Unit back to the team from which they acquired him two years ago.
The remaining issues to be resolved largely concern money, the official said."

Peter here, and just what I said earlier this morning.
And that news seems set in stone. But here's where fact leaves fiction.......I hope....and I'll let you read it right now......

"The Yankees' desire to trade Johnson is motivated primarily by a desire to shed the 43-year-old's large salary and ornery personality and further re-stock their farm system. But once Johnson leaves, it creates an obvious void for free agent Roger Clemens to fill. reported that the Yankees want to convince Clemens to join them earlier in the 2007 season, as opposed to his June 22 debut with the 2006 Astros. That is not an unrealistic goal, as friends of Clemens believe that the seven-time Cy Young Award winner is open to pitching a full season."

(Peter here...not with THAT team!)..Ok...back back.....

"Nevertheless, the Yankees' mission of acquiring Clemens will become easier if they relent on their policy regarding the righthander's schedule. In the past, manager Joe Torre has stated publicly that the team wouldn't allow Clemens to come and go as he pleases, as the Astros have done. Perhaps the departure of Johnson, who might have requested similar star treatment had Clemens come aboard with such freedom, would make it easier for the Yankees to consider such an amendment."

Peter here once again...and......
I think Rocket Roger will go where he wants...and NOT to a team that wears pinstripes. But that's my PERSONAL OPINION.

So that's it for now. Question marks? Heck yes...that's what the off season is ALL about. The answers? I'll try to decipher everything for you. But I'll need your help. Again, as always, thanks for being here. This is me, on a hump day Wednesday. As ALL Wednesdays are......take care all!


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