Sunday, June 01, 2008

MANNY'S 500th Home Run! Boston 6 Baltimore 3

It was a festive night at Camden Yards (Fenway Park south) in Baltimore Saturday night as the Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles for the second time in two nights. The score was 6-3, good guys. When Manny Ramirez came up in the seventh inning, the many Sox fans in the stands knew that with one swing of his bat, baseball history could be made. The loud crack of bat against ball was clearly audible to all the lucky ones in attendance, and the ball traveled 415 feet to the right centerfield stands, right into the hands of a Red Sox fan who was gracious enough to give the ball to its rightful owner in exchange for a few autographed baseballs and bats. Quite a remarkable show of generosity and respect, if you ask me. Even Manny's wife was in the stands, and she was beaming. That the Sox won the game was just like icing on the cake. Sweet icing indeed, the kind that melts in your mouth with a blast of super sweetness. Here's what the MAN himself said after the game...

"It was great, especially since I've tried so hard to hit it the last three weeks to get it done," said Ramírez, wearing a gray T-shirt with oversized block red type that read, "Got 500" on the front. "Finally it came and I'm happy, I'm proud of myself and the things that I've accomplished. I'm just proud to do it and move on," Ramírez said. "Now I can be myself and have fun."

Jon Lester could not go more than five innings, but he almost pitched well enough to win. He allowed three runs on seven hits while walking and striking out three Bird batters. He threw too many pitches for a five inning stint, but by now, we're used to it. The bullpen again was stupendously stingy, with Aardsma going two clean innings and Okie and Paps closing out the 8th and the 9th frames. Aardsma, who has been a very pleasant surprise, earned the victory. Papelbon recorded his 16th save. But the night belonged to Sir Manny, and I can't wait to see the NESN sports update at 6am. Yes, I'm up early again! This is a peaceful time of day, and I do my best writing before 6:30am EDT.

The captain, Jason Varitek, had three of Boston's nine hits, and, again, Jacoby Ellsbury stole three bases in a game. He's amazing when he uses his speed on the basepaths and his future is brightly in front of him. Ya gotta love the guy!

Click on this post's title for the Boston Globe's Red Sox homepage. From there, read all about Manny's night and the second Boston victory in a row at a time when they really needed one. And remember, BE WELL. Enjoy your Sunday, and I will announce the two winners of the DVD contest in 14 minutes. So stay tuned!


At 6/01/2008 9:57 AM, Blogger Rooster said...

Peter, Aardsma was awesome! Hope that Colon goes deep tonight, Oki and Paps have pitched two in a row, Francons may try to rest them tonight if he can.

At 6/01/2008 10:44 AM, Blogger gingerly said...

Whew. The run for 500 is over. Manny must feel so relieved. I'm looking forward to seeing him at bat in the coming days. He's got to be a lot looser.

At 6/01/2008 12:55 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Double A has been pitching great! And Keith, the game today (Sunday) starts at 1:30 with Colon going for three straight. I have faith!!


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