Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday, an Ace, a 3rd Baseman, and the Mota. And Theo's Last Parting Words to Papelbon on Where He Will Pitch - Pen or Rotation.

Well, what a nice holiday surprise. No hitches, bumps or evemtual bruises as this trade is a done deal. Mota, if he can regain his form of a couple years ago, will be, with Mike Timlin, the bridge to get to a Foulkie rejuvenated and effective with a few more miles per hour on his fastball to set up his change-up, poorly disguised last year. Of course, that's in a perfect world. We shall see. This will put Jonathon Papelbon in the contest to join the younger now (thank you) rotation. Now hear this.... Theo Epstein's last words to Papelbon before the debacle of his departure and as they were passing each other in the locker room was to get ready and be in shape for the rotation next year. JP retold this himself in a late night ESPN radio interview after the players were picking up their stuff before dispersing for the year. heard by me at 3am one night I woke up and couldn't fall to sleep. I know we have a glut (gulp) of starting pitchers, but he would seem such a great choice for number 3 starter behind Beckett and Curt, and before Wake and Clemente. And that is what Theo envisioned. So, go Moto go, and let JP earn his way into the rotation without being pulled in 2 different directions at one. THIS IS KEY.


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