Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Centerfield Story Runnin' Round My Brain...If I Don't Let the Words Out I'll Go Insane.

WOW!! Murry Ch(ASS)'s column in today's N.Y. Times rang a bell. Several hundred of them. Titled " Yanks may go on instinct with Jeter in center", it quotes the Reuters article, which was written by one Larry Fine. Now if you know me or have read my stuff, there is only ONE Larry Fine, he of the trio Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Jerome (Curley) Howard, otherwise known as the 3 Stooges. How fitting. Then the column goes on to quote Bobby Murcer, who states his case for Jeter moving to center, Arod BACK to shortstop, and buying the services of our beloved Billy Mueller to play 3rd. Don't believe me? Go to the Times website. Murcer and Mr. ChASS then go on to say how perfect Jeter's baseball instincts are suited to play the outfield, which in many ways I agree with. The guy can use the leather to catch up with that round stitched thing and toss it to wherever is neccesary, and he can do it better than most ballplayers. Jere, take note....the guy is good. You and I both know that. But this is something that will never happen. Just the fact that Mr. ChASS has written about the move after Joe Torre scoffed at the idea after he was misquoted is funny in itself. But the writer, he of the wild and balding hair and the victim of too many slaps to the head, insists he quoted Joe Torre correctly. If this was April 1st, I could completely understand this. But it's NOT!!! Oh well, I will chalk this one up to unintended comic relief. And this post is dedicated to Amy, of bat girl fame, for reasons that are clear to me and not to you. And on that note, I will say......woo woo woo woo woo woo in my best Curly impression, and fade slowly into the night. He takes a bow and leaves the stage to thunderous applause, or not.


At 11/30/2005 6:11 PM, Blogger Jere said...

Putting Jeter in center could cause chaos in yankee-land. I hope they do it.


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