Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Reuters Reuters.GET IT RIGHT!

It seems that the worldwide Reuters News Service misinterpreted one of Joe Torre's comments that made it seem, and comicly so, that either Arod or Jeter would be considered to play centerfield. See 2 posts ago for my take and reaction. Well, they didn't get it right. I guess their reporter skipped his daily English class and failed to grasp Skipper Joe's use of the word "not," a long and complicated word that is more evidence of the confusing nature of the English language. I forgive said reporter, mostly because it gave me a chuckle.
I see today that the Yanks are close to signing the righthander Farnsworth, who I am not that familiar with other than his playing time last year as the Braves closer. He was successfull in his 10 save chances with an ERA of 1.98. He has gas. He can hit 100 MPH but as with most pitchers with gas, he can be prone to wildness, which will be further magnified as soon as he puts on those unlucky and intimidating pinstripes and pitches before the surly but polite, informed but dumb, violent but drunk and crazy Yankee fans. Plus he's coming from the National League, but I put less credence in that fact. A pitcher is a pitcher. He might be facing tougher lineups without the DH, as will our Josh, but if he has the goods (not,we hope), he has 'em. Also it seems that the Yanks are looking for a lefty specialist named Myers, our Myers. I hope the Sox can thwart those attempts.
As for Tommy Gordon, if used correctly and NOT signed to a too long contract, he could be a good addition for us. Most of these questions will be answered before Christmas, if not before Chanuka. Certainly by 3 King's Day. Until then, in the spirit of these holidays, let us pray for a good outcome and a bat to replace Manny if need be.


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