Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When the Rain Comes They Run and Hide Their Heads.

Just in time for the holidays comes news that Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell might be joining the club, with Hanley and Anibal bidding adieu. I will let this play out until its conclusion, but I must say I will miss Billy Mueller, our infield MVP the last 2 years, if he decides to go elsewhere. Beckett, who has been a victim of the dreaded DLBS disease (that's Derrick Lowe Blister Syndrome for you out there that are medically challenged), has an ERA averaging 3.46 over his career, and Lowell has a 5 year average of 25 home runs and 95 runs batted in. Who knows what happened last year. Said to be a pull hitter, the wall will either help him or not. Gee, that's profound. On that note, with the sun behind the clouds and still below the horizon , I swear I can hear some of you snoring, so I'll let this possible trade run around inside my head and be back later to comment.
Happy Tuesday AM people!


At 11/23/2005 3:16 AM, Blogger Shay said...

just thought id stop and say hi.. you know me long enough that i always have errors on what i write..but i know ya still love me...lol


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