Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yankee Frowns. Red Sox Smiles. It's Alright Ma!

The Yankees "stand back and let it all be" stance this off season has become fun to watch. They have Sturtze and Rivera in the bullpen That'll scare you. They need a backup catcher. They need a centerfielder. THEY NEED A BULLPEN. Just this morning I heard on the sports report that Joe Torre is toying with the idea of moving AROD or JETER into centerfield. Damon's price is sky high. Now I agree with that. $12 mill. a year for 5 plus years is too much. Maybe he'll take the 4 for $40 mill. that we should offer him. But watching either of those 2 players patroling the stadium's center field would be almost as entertaining as watching Harold Lloyd dangling from the hands of a clock 500 feet in the air. Also it was said this morning that Carl Pavano IS happy, and will be returning to New York. Wow, how magnanimous of him! I'll follow the Yankees comedic adventures as they use Band Aids and duct tape to paste together their pitching rotation and maybe use some black magic to conjure up a bullpen. The Red Sox have a ways to go to be a finished product, ready for spring training. The Yankees need several miracles. I pity the fools.


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