Thursday, December 22, 2005

And In The End............

After the ugliness of yesterday, all the, "Johhny, you're dead to me," and "Johnny, I hope you break a leg," or even things about Steinbrenner dying, I've seen enough. My goodness, the man took the best offer out there, an offer which the Red Sox brass did not come close to matching. I still say that if the 2 offers (there might have been more) had been close, Damon would have stayed. But no more of this back and forth here. Now it's time to watch and see if the mismanagement that runs the Red Sox these days, fools that they are, can fix this. Yankee fans are in their glory as they gleefully watch and listen to the Sox fans, who should love one another, rip each other to shreds. We've come to this?? NOT ME.
I became a Sox fan in 1967, and even went to a game of that year's classic World Series, as a kid. I don't remember much, except for a Petrocelli home run over the Monster. I was lucky enough to go to the first 2 games of the '75 heartbreaking World Series. In the first game, with seats in the first row behind first base, I was mesmerized, as were the Reds, by Loo-ie as he spun a shutout. And in game 2, when the spaceman Bill Lee's attempt to make it 2-0 was spoiled by a rain delay. He didn't have it after that, and the Sox lost. I saw Bruce Hurst, the ultimate lefty craftsman that year, win one in the '86 World Series. But the name calling and backstabbing of yesterday, mere hours ago, has soured those memories, at least for a couple days, but no longer. People, BE NICE. IT'S A GAME. I hate the Yankees as much as anyone, and this move doesn't help them nearly as much as it hurts our team's chances this year. Let's keep this ugliness at bay. There are people dying out there. Nuff said.


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