Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dr. Papi and the Patriots' Defense...It's Getting Better All the Time.

Not much in the way of Sox news other than this. It was reported over the weekend somewhere that our own David Ortiz is working on soothing the savage beast. In other words, he is trying to cool Manny's 'I have to get out of here" feelings. If he is successful, we should pronounce him Dr. Big Papi. You go big guy.
The Patriots are undergoing a defensive transformation that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud. After all, he was a loyal Sox and Pats fan, as I'm sure most of you were unaware, as well as having the talent to bring the dead to life. And the defense IS alive! As of now, they can beat anyone in the NFC. I truly believe that. But the road to the Super Bowl this year runs through Peyton Manning land, and that's where our defense and its last 3 games come in. The Jets, then the Bills. Sure, those teams suck and we were supposed to throttle them. Behead them, even. And so it went. Yesterday the division leading (they are tied) Bucs came to town. The result...a shutout that was complete in every way. The Bucs were not only beheaded, but the Pats defense used that head for a game of HORSE after the game. Time is getting short, and just think how good it would be to beat the Colts on their home turf. There is work to be done, but when you have the best quarterback in the game, and we do, and then the defense starts to regain their confidence, good things should follow.
So for the esteemed Dr. Papi and the Pats defense, I say have a great Sunday. Come back tomorrow for more sneaky entertainment.


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