Friday, December 16, 2005

Howard's Last Parade (for now).

I just finished watching Howard Stern's last broadcast ceremony on Yahoo (good job Yahoo!) and really enjoyed it. Of course, he's going over to Sirius satellight radio in 3 weeks, and I'm hoping the trees and the desolate landscape here in Conecticut do not force me to listen in my car. Seriously, there are a couple trees that I'd like to buzzsaw, because I KNOW when they sprout their leaves in warmer times, I'll be left high and dry. Just a feeling. Imagine buying a sat. radio now and have it stop receiving the signal in the spring. Stay tuned, because you'll hear about it right here if it does happen. Or if it doesn't.
As for the Sox, there is much news, but nothing definitive. Johnny's going here, listening to them, meeting with those folks, all well and good if he just remains with us, maybe with a 4 year dollar plan with an option for year number 5. And that year 5 is a stretch, knowing that common sense with our team only goes so far. Good job. Manny looks like he's staying put, and David Welles and his fate and future destination still remain a mystery, as does Mr. Martes' elbow. As Bruce Springsteen said in 1975, I'm going to "stand back and let it all be." But I'll be here for my reactions, you can be sure of that. And that's why I thank you for stopping by, and maybe even for being a regular reader. I'll be regular if you will. Think of it- a veritabe laxative fest!
Take care.


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