Sunday, December 04, 2005

Johnny Wants Back......Or So His Agent Says As the Centerfielder Was in Town.

Well, on this snowy Sunday morning, it is my understanding that the Johnny Damon camp had meetings with Red Sox brass this weekend. Although it is too premature for anything concrete to come out of these mind meldings (think Spock), I am hopeful that he will return, although I can perfectly understand that no team in their right minds would give him a 7 year deal. After 5 years his arm just might be able to handle the strain of throwing popcorn kernels into his sleeping wife's open mouth. Couldn't resist that one. But for the next 3, maybe 4 years, it would be a joy to see him on patrol somewhere in OUR outfield.
The winter meetings beginning in a matter of hours should be unique in that the players that we WILL aquire shall not be free agents. They will be gotten the old fashioned way-the trade. What a concept! We have 2 players that say they will not report should a trade elsewhere not develop. In fact, Boomer Wells has been the more vocal of the pair, with Manny being silent Manny. We shall see this week. Our GM by commitee seems to be working seamlessly. KEEP IT THAT WAY, for now at least. It ain't broke, not as the club heads into what will be a team-changing experience. The Marlins bonanza was just the icing on a cake yet to be baked. Yummmm.
On a personal note, nada much. A Nor'easter for Monday night into Tuesday might or might not happen. Even if the storm forms in the correct place off the coast of Virginia and takes the perfect snow path just to the east of Cape Cod will we be buried, because it will be a fast mover with only moderate moisture to fall as snow. This path is by no means carved in anything, so wait a day. Also a favorite blogger of mine remains silent, with a busy month of December coming up for her in every way. I wish her well.
That's it, kids! Be good, or Santa or the Chanuka king will know about it!


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