Sunday, December 11, 2005

Maybe a Change of Heart.....

The Orioles owner Peter Angelos was quoted as saying ''I'd find it difficult to justify a $20 million salary per year for anybody. ''The economics of the game don't support that type of salary for any player."
WELL. You know what this says to me. Money can't buy me love, but if the Sox pitch in to help bring down Manny's cost per year for the O's, well then, we might have a trade that would not only be beneficial to BOTH clubs, it would be DAMN FANTASTIC!!! Time will tell, as it does with everything. But when I read what Angelos said, there was a clear implication that money was the most important issue for him, and money is what the Sox have. Who knows what will transpire? The Shadow knows. I certainly don't, but hopes are high.


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