Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Money To Spend, But No Smarts On How To Do It.

Yes, that is the state of the Red Sox upper management, who lose out again, this time in trying to obtain the services of Kevin Millwood. It seems it all came down to a fourth year, which sounds a little familiar, doesn't it? Lucchino and company are well on their way to do 2 things. One is to solidify and cement the Red Sox 3rd place (if that) position in the AL East for 2006. And two, they are rapidly diminishing my interest in what has become an error filled off season, an off season that makes Edgar Rentaria's defensive season last year look positively brilliant. I'm getting sick of Luccino's antics and destructive, at least for the Sox, behavior. Who would want to deal with such an effing dolt? Not me. My unflagging patriotism for my team is turning rapidly into disinterest, with an idle curiousity to stick by them and monitor and report the news just to see how much lower they can sink. Good job LL. And to owner "Buck" Henry, how do you sit by and let this destuctiveness happen? It seems all you do is write emails when you should at least be the overseer of what is wrong and right with your, yes, your club. YOU SUCK! This ride into 2006 has all the markings of an ending like that of Pan Am Flight 800, a crash and burn into diminishing flakes of acrid dust, that which was once human flesh and bones.


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