Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Day, and Night.

This is to be sung in your mind or outloud, maybe after a couple drinks of your choice, to the tune of HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS. I will be back with some thoughts for the coming year, but first this, thanks to my buddy Terry in the windy city.........

"Have yourself a merry little new years
Drink yourself half blind
Don't be sad to leave 2005 behind...

Have yourself a merry little new years
Make your whole night gay,
With each sip your faculties will fade away...

Pee the rug as in olden days
In that drunken haze of yours
Faithful friends who are dear to you
Will say "Cheers!" to you, and pour...

On new years you can't keep it together
If the fates get ploughed,
Pass out nude, you're gonna muddle through somehow...

Just have yourself a merry little new years now."

........and remember, my friends, to stay away from the driver's side of the car if you do have a couple. Think of it this way. Handcuffs and having a good time do NOT mix. I know.


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