Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nomar In Pinstripes...Is That The New Fashion Statement For 2006?

Well. I just heard on the radio that the pinstripes have offered Nomar and his agent some type of deal to play first base for their team, thus moving Giambi's mediocre to awful glove to a place in the dugout while he becomes the fulltime (?) D.H. What do I think. How about a BIG what-if? What if Nomar stays free of injuries? Now that's a huge what-if, because for some reason, streroids or just bad luck (yeah right), he has become injury prone, attracting them like a magnet seeks out iron. He is a dangerous hitter when healthy, and his glove is great. It was his throwing that was more suspect in his later years with the Sox. This move should take care of that. Now it's time for the Boston rags....maybe I'll see the news there, or maybe I won't. But I am getting a little antsy with the holes at SS and CF. C'mon GM's. Johnny for 4 WILL happen. For SS, consult your local fortune teller, or dial 1-800-fortune. I guess that IS someone's number.


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