Friday, December 09, 2005

Now They Know How Many Holes It Takes To Fill The Albert Hall.

The biggest hole we have to fill RIGHT now is the SS hole. We WILL fill it in, maybe so the disapointment and futility that defines the one year Red Sox career of Edgar will be erased from our minds. The Sox are looking to the future while marvelously improving the team for next year WHILE keeping the under-thirty year old arms that will portend a glorious future. Wow-too long a sentence. But from my seat, before any newspaper sports page reading (Globe, Herald, already read the Courant because it's plopped on my doorstep with the Times), and after going through my fav. blogs (12/8, Jere, GYS, the absent Reb, who is busy busy busy and good for her}, and keeping one eye on the snow to my right, it's a good morning.
And, in keeping with my technical expertise, I humbly apologise to the bloggers who are so important and special to me whose links do not appear here. My nephew will be home mid-month and he'll show me in-person how to have them up here, where they belong. It seems I need someone sitting right next to me who knows what he or she is doing to able to convey that info to my grey matter. I feel badly about this, but I hope I'm forgiven. A soothing comment here or there to that effect would help to assuage my savage doubts that anyone reads me. I sure hope so, because I aim for a smile as well as baseball info everytime I sit in front of this Apple desktop in this divided territory called Connecticut. And that's divided as to baseball loyalty, blue pin stripes or smart red tones.


At 12/09/2005 5:34 PM, Blogger Jere said...

let's say you wanted to link Chan's blog:
Go to your template.
Find the words edit-me.

Replace that with "[less than symbol]a href=" followed by the web address in quotes: """" followed by a ">" followed by what you want the link to say, not in quotes: "Chan's Blog" followed by a "<" and then close in up with "/a[greater than symbol]"

Only put a < or a >, not in brackets where indicated.

Try it. Hit preview. If it doesn't work, just say "Don't save template changes"


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