Thursday, December 15, 2005

So Much Time and So Little to Say.

And I'm good at it too. I can write for an hour and say nothing. Think of it. A blog about nothing. It worked for Jerry Seinfeld.
First of all, good luck and good health to our 2003-2005 infield MVP Billy Mueller. You will be missed. And I'm pretty sure many people don't realize just how much. And a maybe hello to hurler Seanez. If last year was any indication, you would be an invaluable addition to our bullpen. C'mon to Boston and have a good time.
Now to more serious matters. Hmmmm.I don't have any more serious matters. Reb, I hope your move went well. Jere, as you said, stay warm. To everyone, try to limit your shopping to be close to what you can afford, Christmas or not. The bills start in January. I'm currently awaiting my natural gas bill. Oh what fun! I keep the themostat at 68, and back it down to 63 at night. A down comforter and a warm body work wonders for warmth, and that's true for a feline body or a female human one. My cat doesn't snore, though, but a female human has its advantages too. I'll have a post a little later when my toes thaw fully, and the links to my favorite places are another day closer.
I've run out of thoughts. Wow, I hope it's not permanent. It happens from time to time, though not often, so I will say goodbye, for now.


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