Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Souls of the Departed

It is early morning, well before dawn here in 8 degree Farmington Ct. I woke up half an hour before usual. My alarm hadn't sounded. Something was amiss. So as usual, I put on the radio to wait for the 5 to 5:30 news and sports show on a local station. That half hour slot is my time to scrunch under the covers and be informed before adding movement to my day. The news guy started to say that Johnny Damon had agreed to a contract was here that he took a breath, seemingly stretching the moment for the early risers who might have been a little groggy. And then he said those 3 words...the New York Yankees. I let out a loud gasp that would have woken anybody sleeping next to me, maybe even the next room or two. As it was, only my cat, bless his heart, looked up to make sure I was OK. But for that moment, I was NOT OK. I tuned to ESPN sports radio in time to hear Johnny's interview ith WBZ. You see, all this happened after I went to sleep. Well, just to hear him refer to the Yankees as "we" made any more sleep impossible.
We'll miss you, we'll miss your speed on the basepaths as much as your smile in the clubhouse. Back to bed, not happy, not sad, just totally disappointed. $13 million was your price? Well, the dollar won again.


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