Monday, December 19, 2005

Speeding Ticket Part 2...and the News is GOOD.

For those of you who did not read part 1, please go back to Dec. 12. Thanks.
Now, it seems the whole problem was caused by the West Hartford police officer who pulled me over for going 54 in a 40 zone. It seems like he was having a brain fart when he wrote the ticket, deserving as I was of the infraction. Here is what he did wrong. I guess he wouldn't have made this mistake if I had been going slower, so it's my fault, but in the space where he wrote in my plate number, he wrote PETER, state of Connecticut. My goodness, how one letter can make such a difference. You see, my plate is PETE N, my name, or as Jere would say P-10. The guy whose plate reads PETER is in deep doo doo, with outstanding charges that make speeding seem like being the manager of the K.C. Royals, for example. I in no way am him, and I'm glad of it. So it looks like this can be corrected by my lawyer seeing the prosecuter with a copy of my registration, showing that my plate reads Pete N. Case closed. I just thumped the table with an imaginary hammer. There is another thing I'd like to do with that hammer, but the police are out there for our safety, and you have to love that. So my hammer will remain at arm's length.
There is no Fenway news to report right now. So I'm going to sit back and enjoy feeling the relief that washed over me when I was appraised of the whole ticket situation. I hope you all had a great weekend, and spring training cannot come soon enough.


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