Tuesday, January 31, 2006

38,805, and Other Bits of Importance

38,805. My oh my! That's the new 2006 capacity for the cozier than ever Fenway Park. Boy, the first time the official attendance of a game is announced, and it isn't thirty five or thirty six thousand and something, it sure will sound strange.
Alex Gonzales has joined the club, signing a one year (ONE! Hurray!! We're not locked in for multi-years!) contract for three million. Work that glove Alex.
And it seems that Theo wants to have a talk with David Wells during Spring Training, which leads me to believe that he will verbally try to sweet talk him into staying with the club for this season. We could use a lefty, and Boomer proved last year that when his body is feeling good, his pitching is effortless AND effective. And that's a good combination for a pitcher. We'll take those 14 wins, Boomer.


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