Saturday, January 28, 2006

Breakfast Without The Sports Pages.

Wow. The newspaper delivery guy, all 75 years of him, is late again. Breakfast isn't the same without the sports pages. Sure, the New York Times, which arrives before 5 everyday, including Sunday, was here, but it is an early edition. I can get more sports news from my watch, which is vintage 1982. But now, sitting here in front of my keyboard basking in an after breakfast glow on a still dark Saturday morn, all, except for the lack of the Hartford Courant, seems well. There are other more important things wrong in this world than the lack of the sports pages, even on a morning that brought news of the completion of the Coco Crisp deal.
So, Theo, good job. Manny Delcarmen still pitches for our team. And so does Brad Riske. And Josh Bard will once in a while be behind the plate. Gone are Marte, Mota, and Kelly Shoppach, who never seemed to put up the numbers expected in the minors. Also John Henry had to part with one million dollars, petty cash to him, just in case Mota's arm misfires like a '52 Chevy's engine. This is a good trade in that we did not have to give up on any young potential phenoms, but our bullpen is very right-handed heavy. I still can't figure out why that lefty who wears a hockey mask, Mike Myers, wasn't kept instead of allowing the Yankees to scoop him up. That just reeks of mismanagement to me. But so do so many other things in this 2005-2006 off season.
Now if Theo can be smart with the shortstop situation, things will look OK. That really means I have no idea how the Sox will be this coming summer. There are too many health related "ifs." But that's the case in every season, at least as long as I've been around. A lot longer, in fact. I'll be back later with a non-baseball post or two, for I am typed out on Coco and this trade. It's going to turn me off breakfast cereal for good. And you know I was a Trix kid, purple lips and all.


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