Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coco To Come, But Marte To Leave..Good News Bad News

It looks like Coco Crisp will be on patrol in centerfield next year, and for many years to come. That's a plus. Here's a minus. In addition to Mota, who with the glut of pitchers temporarily on hand, was a lock to be used in a trade, will be the departure of a real future talent at third base, Mr. Marte. It's too bad, but now those Kevin Youklis fans will have nothing to complain about. And I am one of them who would really like to see him play everyday, and at the same position.
As for the shortstop situation, it looks as though the Sox are leaning towards the free agent Alex Gonzalez, who has similar statistics and sure-handedness as our own utility player Cora, as Andrew pointed out in his post over at 12/Eight. I don't know why we would purchase Gonzales and leave Cora out in utility land. But he will be capable there, more than capable, and the club has money to spend and I guess they decided to spend some on Gonzalas.
Lastly, we still lack a lead-off man, although the papers (read Herald) have decided that Coco will be our new lead off hitter. No. We have someone much better suited to the role, and his name is Mark "get back" Loretta. If he hits the way he should, he'll be at .300 or a notch above. He has speed. He is our '06 first batter, at least in my brain, which is connected to my fingers which type this strange board of letters so that I can write sometimes recognizable and understandable sentences. I hope you're used to these writing quirks that I posess, because I'll be here all season. May you have a great Sunday, with football, or whatever. Talk to you tomorrow. Don't drink and drive. Oops, I guess the meds just kicked in.


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