Saturday, January 21, 2006


Imagine that the Titanic had three captains that fateful night in 1912. At the moment the iceberg was sighted, the three reacted differently. Cap. #1 said to reverse the engines and turn hard a port. Cap. #2 said reverse the engines and turn hard a starboard. And Cap. #3 said to reverse all engines and ram the iceberg head on. Now most likely, Captains #1 and 2, in a couple hours time, would have had no ship to rule. Captain #3 would have shaken up the ship tremendously, with a loss of life on board, but the ship would have remained afloat and most of the passengers and crew would have been rescued. If the real captain Smith of Titanic infamy had been Captain #3, the tragedy and its horrible loss of life would have been averted.
Our Red Sox cannot be successful being GMed by three people either. Something must change, and fast. After the glee and jump for joy happiness of yesterday and the night before, the true picture has crept back into my head. This team is still in deep doo doo. Mr. Henry, sage that he is, said to us that the particulars of the situation with Theo will be announced next week. OK. Does that mean that the formula is being worked out now? I say yes. A period of role definition is what this is, and until everything is worked out, this team is in trouble. All I can say is that let us all hope they can get that doo doo together and right this ship, or it's two miles straight down into a cold, black, dead and frozen 2006.


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