Monday, January 02, 2006

Drop Kick THIS !

Well, a rarity was accomplished during the Patriots game. Doug Flutie perfectly executed a drop kick. A what? Yes, a drop kick. It was during a game that had no meaning. Even better, we are not in the Indy line of fire until later in the playoffs because of the loss. So it seemed to be the time for coach and players to have some fun, all the while with NOBODY getting hurt. In fact, there are a few players who needed to heal that did heal, with limited or no playing time. So yeah, I had fun while on and off watching the game. I was also playing a little recreational Poker on the net, but that's another story. All for fun, until I get better. I have progressed, but I have to get my "blank stare" down a little better.
So that was Sunday, January First, two thousand six. And today is the day after, or what might be remembered as the day before the sky fell. There is a chance that the light precipitation that will start this afternoon will become heavier as the mixture turns to snow in the darkening night. And tomorrow? Tuesday by then might be in the bullseye (at least the Northern half of the state) of a major Nor'easter. You see, it all depends on where the secondary storm forms off the Eastern seaboard, and what path it decides to take. But there is cold Canadien air to our north, and the storm is supposed to be a slow mover, so whatever happens early morning Tuesday should continue through most of the day. That's when the snow could pile up. Of course, most people reading this do not live where I live, so your weather will be different.
Have fun today. Take it easy.Look for baseball on TV. You won't find it, but at least you looked. See you next time.


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