Sunday, January 15, 2006

Four Turnovers, 24 Points, and Goodnight.

The title says it all. The Patriots served up 24 points on a silver platter, and you do not win many games with four such devastating turnovers.
True, every time the Pats seemed doomed, they marched down the field, but the end result was a two touchdown loss. I have to say great job for enduring such a remarkable string of injuries and still coming up strong this 2005-2006 season. They should be proud. But it will have to wait for the bitter taste to slowly slink away, after the plane ride home and reality slowly sinks in. I hope the Broncos beat whoever their next opponent will be and go on to be champions, for they sure were last night. Thanks New England, for a season of anguish, joy, and in the end, sadness. Sounds like a Red Sox season, at least on paper.


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