Friday, January 20, 2006

He's back!

Last night the word came down that Theo is back in a full time capacity. Reconciable differences, to borrow the phrase, although it did not look that way for a much too long time. Now let's fill the centerfield and shortstop positions without giving away too much in return. Is Manny gone? How about Matt, Bronson, or any of the new arms in the bullpen? Ask Theo. Hmmm, those are two nice words to put together in a sentence. What a way to start a weekend. With a smile, goofy but great, on my face, I head to work. Be back later with more of this. And welcome back to our beloved Reb. Her link, if you are one of the select few in the world who does not know it, is to your right. No, right, not left. Bye.


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