Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ken's Stock will Soar..A Backup's Dream. Only in Boston.

From The Eagle-Tribune, of North Andover, Ma, this is a great blurb about Tim Wakefield's, and ours also, back-up catcher. Here we go............" Ken Huckaby was destined to play for the Boston Red Sox....
The backup catcher seemed a logical choice to help fill in as Tim Wakefield's personal backstop, replacing the recently-traded Doug Mirabelli. Throughout Huckaby's tenure in the Dodgers organization, he was subjected to the knuckleballs of both Tom Candiotti and Dennis Springer.

The 34-year-old also figures to potentially slide right into Kevin Millar's spot as clubhouse jester, having once let 200 crickets loose in a former roommate's apartment as payback for a previous prank.

But what really appears to help Huckaby cement a spot within the ways of Boston baseball is something much more tangible in the eyes of Sox fans — he has received death threats from those on the side of the New York Yankees.

"I was getting them through the mail," remembered Huckaby, who signed with the Red Sox as a minor-league free agent December 14. "For about two weeks it was pretty scary because I've gone pretty much throughout my whole career without people recognizing me, and all of a sudden I'm getting recognized."

The impetus for the unsavory messages — which were each confiscated by the security from Huckaby's former team, the Toronto Blue Jays — took place on opening day of the 2003 season. In the third inning of the Jays' game with the Yankees, Huckaby collided with Derek Jeter on a close play at third base, dislocating the New York's shortstop's left shoulder."
Me again. What'd I tell you? Clubhouse and on the field valuable.....way to go and make us proud Ken.


At 1/18/2006 12:31 PM, Anonymous Cyn said...

I have a feeling "I heart Huckaby" is going to become a very popular phrase this season!

I saw that game as it happened on ESPN (when he creamed Jeter) and I remember being worried about Jeter (believe it or not!) and then being concerned about Huckaby...death threats - for doing his job. Amazing.


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