Friday, January 13, 2006

Lock Up Big Papi, and DO IT NOW !! An Open Letter From the Heart and Soul.

To: Red Sox Ownership
From: A fan who loves the team, through thick and thin, rain and snow, cloud to ground lightning, cyclones, hurricanes, and anything that God can come up with, until death do us part.

When I say lock up, I do not mean in the literal sense, with pinstipes (ahh!!) , barbed wire and bars, but with a long term contract that will pay THE MAN what he is worth. And do it before game #1 of the 2006 season.
Sounds simple, doesn't it. But the Sox can find a way to muck it up. THEY HAD BETTER NOT, or else, or else, err.......well, they better not. It is my opinion that had they offered Johnny Damon the 40 million bucks before or near the start of the '05 season, he would have accepted, millions of fans would have been deliriously happy, and he would be trotting out to center field 1500 times this coming season. And that's based on 150 games at nine innings per game. Maybe we should keep track of such a stat. Maybe we shouldn't. But my point remains clear. Offer him the contract for multiple years early and let him never worry about his future earnings while with the club. And this would insure him spending the balance of his career right where he and we want him to be. At Fenway Park, in downtown Boston Massachusetts USA.
Signed, Peter N., who does not want to see David even entertain any ideas of playing elsewhere. I hope you, the powers that be, have learned your lessons well. Look back to Pudge. Hell, look back to the Babe.


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