Friday, January 06, 2006

Manny Wants to Stay.....PART 2.

I say part 2 because back on Wednesday, December 21st, I reported this. You can go back to the original post, or read on.....
"Manny Staying......or So He Says......
*****FLASH****** This might not have been reported anywhere, but a source inside the Red Sox organization says that, in Manny's own words...'I'm not going anywhere." And for once I'm serious. Maybe he read my letter from yesterday. So today has started with a bang, and the sun ain't even up yet!"
This is me again today, January 6th, 2006, and the reports I heard, without reading any of today's sports news, have said that Manny has expressed his desire to remain with the club rather than go to any club in the NL or any non-contender. Hey, I got it right the first time! We still have 2 HUGE holes to fill, but the future will take care of itself. At least that's what we'd all like to believe. More later.


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