Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No News Is Good News.......Or Is It?

This is day "who's counting that high" that the news drought of the baseball club named the Boston Red Sox continues. Out of the Northeastern part of the continental United States, the team's fans come from all over New England and most recently, more so since their triumphant 2004, all over the country. Known for their red socks and their famous ballpark, Fenway Park, a cozy living room in which to watch a professional team play, the team is too well known for their "close but no cigar" 7 game World Series losses in 1946, '67, '75 and in 1986. They finally won their first world championship since 1918 in the magical year of 2004, much to the sheer delight of their fans.
There are not many members from that dream team of 2004 left, as the club's faces change as often as the wind changes directions. The uniforms, oh those beloved uniforms, the stuff dreams are made of, remain the same. Some things in life do not change.
We, the fans, know not what this '06 team will do. Their parts have not jelled yet. Their parts hardly have faces to go with their names yet, at least in my mind, a place you visit while reading here but might not want to stay. But it is the visits here that make me happy. I'll keep you up to date with the emotional process that is needed to be a real Sox fan, and leave the more intricate statistics of the game of baseball and how it relates to our beloved team to those who do it better. Folks who know who they are, without mentioning them so I will not inadvertantly forget to. Hint, look to your right at the links. If I knew how to add a link, I would add Red Sox Chick, because Cyn and her journal are an invaluable place to visit and be entertained AND informed. Thank you Cyn. And thank you all here in Peterland, and visit early and often. One of these days, I suspect before the middle of next month, the club will be trading for a centerfielder, and one of the current starters will go, making room for Papelbon's return to the rotation, a place he belongs. See my post from January 14 for more on that. But I'll be writing to you well before then, right here. Stay well. I love you all.


At 1/18/2006 12:32 PM, Anonymous Cyn said...

Thanks for the kind words, Peter! The pleasure is mine!

At 1/18/2006 12:34 PM, Anonymous Cyn said...

One of the current starters, eh?

Please let it be Wells. I'm not sure I could stand losing anyone other than him from the rotation.


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