Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday AM Wacky Weather Weekend, and Chicken Eggs With Gravy.

I awoke this morning around 6 AM, and on the way to the kitchen to feed my grumbling stomach, I checked the thermometer. 36 degrees. Hmmm, warm for mid-January, but not unexpected. The rain drummed against the roof, setting up a nice background patter as I swirled the eggs and browned the bagel, all the while preparing my beloved cat's morning feast. He dined on turkey with warmed gravy while I had my scrambled chicken eggs. I say chicken eggs for a reason. Many years ago, while in Israel, I ordered eggs at the hotel dining room, and was asked what kind of eggs I wished. I quickly without a thought said scrambled, and the waitress raised an eyebrow rather curiously. She asked me if I wanted chicken eggs. I thought to myself, gee, I wonder what other species of eggs was on the menu, but decided this was information I did not need to know, especially right before eating. Where was I? Oh. My eggs. My kingdom for my eggs!
After breakfast and the sports page, I glanced at the outdoor thermometer again. 58 degrees. In less than 20 minutes. Running through all the calculations in my brain, I stuck my head out the slider in the living room. Yes, it indeed was warm outside And in the middle of January. I could almost see the snow visibly melt in the backyard. There's an easy explanation for this, for a storm with its counterclockwise winds parked over Pennsylvania was pumping warm moist air from the south. This storm will reform off the Delaware coast, and the winds will shift into the northwest tonight, making tomorrow morning a flash freeze icy snowy morning, all supposed to end by noon. By then, the Pats will have taken their next step towards the Super Bowl.
Just some musings on this lazy warm and weird morning. I'll be back later today with some football and baseball thoughts.
GO PATS! And yes, my cat Boo Boo thoroughly enjoyed his morning meal. We eat together and make quite the pair, although he has a few years on me (in cat years). I love him.


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