Thursday, January 19, 2006

Signed With A Gentleman's Agreement......

Words you don't see often this day and age. And not just in baseball but in anything. Now that Bronson Arroyo seems all set to be signed to a three year deal for 11 or 12 million dollars, that's where those words come in. You see, he sees this as the best way he can stay with the club for his whole career, for after this 3 year stint he would be in the position to sign long term with the club, the club remembering this "good faith" gesture 3 year deal. His agent, or one of them, is not so sure. I don't know where I stand on this, but I do know that in the rest of this off season, the front office (FO) wil define themselves as being trustworthy and above reappproach, or they will twist into gnarled wrinkled no heart and no soul flesh traders if they indeed do trade the very appetizing Bronson in their quest for a center fielder. Which beast of an FO do we have? Ai, there lies the rub. I'm sure other clubs who we might HAVE to deal with for a centerfielder see Bronson Arroyo as a cog they want in THEIR machine. It's a regular "who do you trust."
And in other Sox news reported everywhere, Julian Tavarez has joined the dangerously overcrowded filled to the gills and gunwhales bullpen, signing a 2 year 6.7 million dollar contract.
In the coming weeks we will see which head of the two-headed beast that is our front office prevails, and true colors will be revealed. I hope I have the stomach for it.


At 1/19/2006 4:49 PM, Anonymous Cyn said...

I don't have the stomach for it...I can tell you that much.

It's funny. I'm a Bronson fan, but I had resigned myself to the fact that he was trade bait this off-season and I just hoped for the best. But with all this "gentleman's agreement" stuff being bandied about, I find myself genuinely worried and upset at the idea of the FO stabbing him in his skinny back and flipping him somewhere.

At 1/20/2006 3:58 AM, Blogger Iain said...

You're right, Peter. This particular deal - even more so than the Damon trade or potential Manny deals - is the one that will show us what kind of FO we have. Bronson has put his money where his mouth is, ognoring his agent and taking less money to play in Boston. And why? Because he loves playing here (can I say "here" when I'm 4,000 miles away? ;-)) - it's as simple as that.

It is going to be tough for the FO, because the holes we still have are probably going to be filled by trading pitching, but I really hope that Bronson isn't part of any deal in the near future.


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