Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Speeding Ticket-Part 3 of 4, With Part 4 to be Written.

For part 1, see Dec. 12, and part 2 is on Dec. 19. Let's hope that part 4 will be a final wrap up.
I should have waited until after court tomorrow to write this, but I was in the mood, and here I am. If you've read parts 1 and 2, then you know the particulars. Tomorrow, my lawyer will meet with the until now well hidden prosecutor(s) to make sure they know they got the wrong guy! In other words, the person with the CT. plate PETER is not me. I was driving my car that got stopped and ticketed for speeding with the plate PETEN. I don't know what the other guy has done, but I'm glad I am not him. Of course, my lawyer has a copy of the ticket and the summons to appear in Superior Court (YIKES!) plus my registration, which clearly identifies me as the driver of the yellow fast as hell Audi that has a plate that is similar, but similar don't count in summons with policemen and judges and other lawyerly shadowy figures, unknown but smelling money, hovering near the boundaries of this story. I cannot be mad at the cop because it was an honest mistake commited while he was out there saving people's lives. Maybe when I get the bill from my lawyer.........
Sooo, I will tomorrow sometime be hearing from the lawyer when he returns from his, what he said, 10 minutes in and out of the courthouse. I hope it's that quick. Just show them the proof that the cop wrote down the wrong plate # , and GOODBYE. Now we all know simple things are not always accomplished in a simple easy effortless way. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if this is the case here.
By the way, the snowstorm of yesterday that I posted about 2 days ago was one weird storm, with parts of the state getting almost no snow, and the places of higher elevations, and we're talking here of only a couple hundred feet, recieved close to 20 inches of snow. The snow was heavy with high water content that froze solid last night, so I was happy to be on the low end of the scale. Speaking of low end, I'm at the low end of words right now, but be sure to come back and read the exciting conclusion of the speeding ticket fiasco, something that never should have happened and that I'll be happy to put in my personal, on-body rear view mirror. Wish me luck. LOUDER! Thank you.


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