Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sutter, Gossage and Rice.....Lions, Tigers and Bears.

The skittle I've heard at this early hour before the morning sports pages have been read say that Bruce Sutter has the best chance of success in the Hall of Fame Balloting, the results of which will be announced today. If so, he would become the first pitcher without a career start to be elected into the Hall of Fame. I certainly hope all three get into the cherished halls, because each is so deserving. Here at a little after 6:30 am, it's all conjecture, but I am ready to give Jim Ed yet another standing ovation, this one solo. I have followed his career since day one, and was lucky enough not only to see him play dozens of times at Fenway, but in the minors during his stay with the New Britain double A club, along with another young outfielder, a lefty, named Freddie Lynn. You could see the unbelievable promise of each even at that early point of their careers. Good luck Mr. Rice. This might be your last real chance for quite a while. As always, I'll be rooting for you, big guy. Hit one out, voters.


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