Sunday, February 05, 2006

$4.325 For Josh Beckett? That's Just Fine.

Well, the Sox have agreed to terms with pitcher Josh Beckett, and at a little over $4 million, it makes sense. Barring injury, and that is a real concern with his hopefully sound shoulder, he should have a good season as part of a two-headed pair of aces, and that's counting on Schill's recovery to where he was in 2004.
As far as money management, the Herald said, in todays paper, "the Sox will pay Mark Loretta, Alex Gonzalez, Coco Crisp and Beckett an estimated $13.5 million, which is essentially what the New York Yankees will be paying Johnny Damon, who will average $13 million per year over the length of his new four-year contract." Nice. Now let's see how well the fractured pieces fit together to make a contender, a contender in a league where many teams are just that. Improved enough to be called true threats for the post season.


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