Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And The Rocket's Red Glare

Where will Roger Clemens pitch this coming baseball season? Let's hear from the man himself, in an article I came across in Newsday today.


February 8, 2006

"The Yankees, and the rest of baseball, will have to wait a while longer to learn of Roger Clemens' plans for 2006.

"There will be no final decision until after the World Baseball Classic," Randy Hendricks, Clemens' agent, wrote yesterday in an e-mail.

Clemens intends to pitch for Team USA in the upcoming tournament. Clemens has said that if he pitches this season, he'd consider doing so for the Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers in addition to the Astros, who declined to offer him arbitration during the free agency process. Consequently, Clemens can't return to the Astros until May 1.

"My guess is he'll pitch," Joe Torre said yesterday. "You don't get yourself in shape to do what he's going to do now and then go home."

At a Manhattan promotional appearance, Torre didn't address the possibility of Clemens in pinstripes, but he spoke as though he would bet on a Clemens-Astros reunion.

Torre said. "Even going back to Houston, going back in May, I don't think is going to be any big deal for him. It'll probably benefit him, the fact that he won't have to pitch the whole time."

Asked whether he has been in touch with the Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers, Hendricks replied, "We talk to everybody." "

*** Me here. I have mixed feelings on this issue. Part of me, the left half, would love to see Roger pitch in a Red Sox uniform once more. His ERA the last two years proves he's still "got it." My right half says that we have a surplus of starting pitchers, and to think the development of Jon Papelbon might be hindered because Rocket would take his spot in the rotation, if there is a spot to begin with (there better be), is a big negative. Time will tell. I would NOT, repeat not, like to see him in pinstripes again. That would be tough, he being paired with RJ at the top of the Yankee rotation. Time will tell.


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