Sunday, February 19, 2006

Curt Schilling On Jonathon Papelbon

Curt Schilling has spoken of his desire to see Jonathon Papelbon in the rotation. Here's what he said...."Schilling raved about the team's improved defense in the infield, joked about being ranked fourth on GQ's list of most hated athletes (''I actually talked to my wife about that because I thought maybe she had some input in the article") and was open about his desire to see rookie Jonathan Papelbon in the rotation.
''I think what I said was, I think he's a guy you benefit a lot more from getting 200 innings from than 60," Schilling said when asked about lobbying for Papelbon earlier this winter. ''Makeup-wise, he's not far from being a consistent winner in the big leagues. He's got to pitch. He's got to get innings."
He and Theo are in agreement. They both know that Papelbon's place is in the rotation. Theo said exactly that as the two parted after the sudden end to the season, before his odd departure. He told Jonathon to work hard in the off season and get ready to be a part of the rotation. The numbers are hard to crunch right now, but we have too many starters. That is for certain. Trades, yes, spring training trade(s) are looming. That's as far as my myopic crystal ball can see. But put him in the rotation and let the numbers determine who stays in it and who does not. Clemente and/or Welles will be going. To where? When? I do not know. Papel in the rotation? MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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