Thursday, February 16, 2006

***FLASH***Carl Pavano's Ailing Back A Secret Boston Red Sox Fan.

Carl Pavano's ailing back is secretly a Red Sox fan. The back's agent, Danny Disk, disclosed the details in an unannounced press conference held in the small town of Cartilidge New York. This is good news for all Red Sox fans, as the possibility of more New York Yankee body parts joining the millions of Sox fans across the nation becomes more and more probable.
We will interupt your normal programming if the situation changes. This has been a PeterOnAll network presentation.


At 2/16/2006 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! Pavano is injured!!! Oh my God the Yankees are DOOMED!!!

1) The Yankees have 6 starting pitchers.

2) Pavano won a total of 4 games last year. Guess what.. we still won the AL East. Peter as much as you want to say the Sox will come out ahead of the "Yankmee's"-- that didn't happen in 2005. Nor in 2004. 2003. 2002. 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997.. Keep dreaming, I wonder what you were doing all these years.

3) I honestly don't care if Pavano is injured. Which BY THE WAY he is expected to return by opening day. I mean, seriously, look at Josh Beckett. I don't care what kind of resume he has, the man hasn't won more then 12 games. Aaron Small can top that, give him a full year. Keith Flouke, your closer is a toss up. Curt Schilling, who knows what he'll bring. But wow, Pavano is out, so I guess the Yankees will finish last in the AL East. You guys sure got it good!

Correct that, Pavano essentially won 3 games for the Yankees. One of his games was A-Rod's 3 homerun/ 11 RBI performance against the Angels. And Pavano didn't exactly pitch a gem in that game. A-Rod gave him that victory. Take away those 3 games and add in Damon's presence, Randy Johnson's 2nd year, Mussina and Sheffield's contract year, and ofcourse 6 starting pitchers. Oh we're doomed

At 2/16/2006 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, about the Ozzie speaking about A-Rod.. one thing in sports perhaps you may not know, why would you want to wake up a sleeping giant? You remember what Schilling said about A-Rod last offseason. Now do you remember how A-Rod greeted him on that July night, in the ninth inning when you 'closer' schilling came in? First pitch from Schilling, with the bulbs flashing-- was a game winning homerun by A-Rod. Schilling got shelled. I'm sure A-Rod will handle the White Sox accordingly. That's just classless from you if you support a manager that's taking trash about another player. But hey, what do I know, your a red sox fan. (See: Trot Nixon)


At 2/16/2006 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In case you forgot.


At 2/17/2006 6:43 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

We happened in '04, my boy. Down 0-3 to the Yankees and your pathetic team becomes the first team ever to BLOW IT!!!!!!! That will never happen again.

At 2/17/2006 6:44 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

And when's the last time you were world champs. Don't live in the past. Dead people do.

At 2/17/2006 1:43 PM, Blogger Jere said...

Dear evilsnare, are you fucking retarded? You can win the AL East every year, but guess what? You still have to win 11 more games after that, which the yanks haven't done for five years. A yankee fan asking a Sox fan what he was doing in 2004 and then telling him to keep dreaming. I love it. It wasn't a dream. The Red Sox won the World Series that year, after the greatest comeback in sports history over your choking dogs.

I still laugh at the yanks EVERY DAY about that. It's the year that keeps on giving.

And about that 1997 AL East title you claim:

Baltimore 98 64
NY Yankees 96 66

But hey, if there's one thing completely certain in this world, it's yankee fans getting something wrong literally every time they bring up baseball statistics.


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