Thursday, February 23, 2006

Great Minds Think Alike.......

From the Herald, Big Papi speaks his mind on Manny -- "David Ortiz has not spoken with Manny Ramirez since it was announced the Red Sox left fielder would report to camp a week behind the rest of the position players, but he’s confident his teammate will show up.
"He will," Ortiz said. "He’s not going to walk away from $20 million."
Ramirez is expected, however, to forgo participating in the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic in order to remain with the Sox throughout the Grapefruit League schedule. Ortiz, who will play for the Dominican in the March 3-20 event, said he’s not bothered by that. Manny will be fine."
Peter here. I've said all along that Manny reporting on March 1 does not represent a problem for the club. In fact, it's a relief! He will be in camp. He's NOT playing in the WBC. He will be in shape. And he will bat his usual .300ish with his 140 or so runs batted in while protecting Big Papi, who WILL see pitches to hit. I shudder to think what the line up would be without him in the 4 spot. You see? Smiles all around. And a big smile is on my face for you stopping in to my little spot in blogland, a place I'm getting to like. And I hope you are, too.


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