Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey Orlando. ZIP IT!!

This is just a little something I wanted to say to Orlando Cabrera, he of 2004 heroics that will forever be in our hearts. From the Herald today...“They’ve been trying to get rid of him for the last three years,” Cabrera said. “I don’t see no reason why he would be happy. If that was me and they were treating me like that, I wouldn’t be happy.”
He was, of course, talking about Manny. Hey OC, don't fan any fires. You say you talked to him in the off-season. The off-season is more than 5 months long. Is this recent information, or are you flapping your gums over an October conversation? Zip it and concentrate on your own career. We love what you did for us in the magic of '04, but adding any fire to the enigma that is Manny is something WE DON'T NEED. Have a good season.


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