Saturday, February 18, 2006

Links Up, And Schill On The Hill Friday

Memory recovery mission accomplished. What I mean is that, after fooling around with the gibberish ( Reb's term, aptly put) inside the template box, I had a morning epiphany. Now I know that morning epiphinies are just as good as evening epiphinies. The links to my favorite Sox blogs that were missing, and also one Yankee blog (boo hiss) are up!! I did it. What might be easy for some and had never been for me is now doable. Thank you very much.
In Sox news, our Curtis Schilling took the mound on Friday and looked good, with no problems putting his full weight on his refurbished ankle and foot. He is said to be in good shape, although not much less in the poundage department. I guess his gut from last year is more evenly distributed. Have a great weekend, and I will be back a little later.
Check out the additions at the bottom portion of my links. Thanks.


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