Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Sentiments EXACTLY.

From the New York post, Ozzie speaks out on DORA.......

OZZIE; AROD a phony

TAMPA - "Last year it was the Red Sox taking shots at Alex Rodriguez; this year it's Ozzie Guillen.
The White Sox manager ripped into the Yankee third baseman in a magazine interview, targeting A-Rod's much-publicized waffling over whether to play for the Dominican Republic or the United States during next month's inaugural World Baseball Classic.

"Alex was kissing Latino people's (butts)," Guillen, who's from Venezuela, said in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated. "He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans; he's not a Dominican!"

Rodriguez, who has dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic and United States, was linked to both teams' rosters at various points over the past few months and also said once that he simply wasn't going to play in the tournament because choosing a country to represent was too difficult. After talking with MLB and WBC officials, however, he opted to play for the Americans, and Guillen apparently found his flip-flopping to be disingenuous. "I hate hypocrites: He's full of ---," Guillen said. "The Dominican team doesn't need his (butt). It's the same with (Nomar) Garciaparra playing for Mexico. Garciaparra only knows Cancun because he went to visit."

Guillen, whose candor has drawn him both praise and criticism, added, "People say 'Ozzie Guillen is a big mouth, he's so controversial.' No, people don't like it when you tell the truth."***This is me again. DORA sucks. Plain and simple. it's good to have at least one whipping boy in each league, but he's good enough for both!


At 2/16/2006 12:27 PM, Blogger Jere said...

hahahahha. There's nothing better in all the world than when something negative happens to Dora the Ex-slapper. He is the Frank Grimes of baseball. And every time he fails I am front and ccenter, laughing my fucking ass off.

[DtE-S: Child's doll reference. Grimes=Simpsons reference. Last line: Bottle Rocket reference]

At 2/16/2006 1:18 PM, Anonymous Cyn said...

Man, just when I thought nothing could make me like Ozzie.

It's nice to see that Red Sox, Rangers and Mariners fans aren't the only ones who see through Slappy.


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