Friday, February 10, 2006

A Storm A'brewing. And Spring Training Approaches.

It looks like Southern New England, which is comprised of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Mass., are in for a big blow. And I mean a quick dose of the white stuff. Wait, I have to be even more clear, or there will be trouble. I talkin' 'bout SNOW. But this storm, which will move QUICKLY up the coast, will dump a quick 10 or 12 inches of the white stuff between 6pm Saturday to about 9am Sunday. Now, if it slows down, or stalls, throw all that out the window. Don't worry, I have safety nets surrounding the house. But it should be a fleet-footed storm that's in a hurry to go somewhere, and most of its pretty damage will be done when the sun is below the horizon. But the timing is so great because most people do not have to be out, so the snow plow drivers will have all the room they need.
Being as the main coastal low (storm center) has not formed yet, if I were more precise it would be a dis-service to the readers. But it will be like my last date. Quick but great to look at and fun while it lasted, then gone, never to be seen again. Unique but not to be repeated in its exact dimensions. Forgettably wonderful. I think I got it there. I"ll be back, he says.


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