Friday, February 24, 2006

Young Arms. What A Beautiful Thing.

And this from the Herald made me smile. With glee. And anticipation. And downright confidence in the capabilities and future of the 2006 Boston Red Sox. I leave you with this blurb, and hope everyone has a GREAT weekend, though I will be back with more words my style.
" Remember these names, Sox followers: Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen. All are 25 or younger, all are pitchers, all are in major league camp. In recent Red Sox history, it is difficult to remember a time when the Sox had so many talented young arms so close to contributing at the big league level. "
YAY!!!!!!!!!! That's the kid in me talking. He comes out once in a while. The Pan of this Peter.


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