Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And Where Is Big Papi's Extention??? Pay Up John Henry!

This from the Globe........."With Opening Day just a week away, David Ortiz said he didn't know when the club would sign him to an extension. Ortiz had expressed some confidence in January that a deal would be done by the start of the season, and John W. Henry had echoed Ortiz's comments that the club had signaled to him its willingness to negotiate an extension expeditiously. ''I told my agent when he got the word to let me know," Ortiz said. ''I don't want those thoughts in my head." "
***Peter here....Hey, Sox front office, especially you with all the money, John Henry. Do not let this matter fester into an infection, you little dummy. Pay David his due. Extend the contract. DO IT BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS!!!!


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