Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boomer To Bonds...TELL THE TRUTH!

David Wells has added his voice to the scores of others commenting one way or another, usually another, to the reclusive Bonds and what was once his hidden agenda, now bare for all the world to see that it is true, the emporer has no clothes, much less brains and common sense. He'll forevermore be known as the "Asterisk Man," ready to commit evil to further his bloated baseball records so that he and only he can benefit. As I said yesterday. IDIOT. Or today. FIEND. Here's the good old Boomer...............
"Be a man and come out and say that he did [use steroids]," Wells said in an interview in Fort Myers. "Don't hide behind the uniform. Don't hide behind the players association. If you're guilty and you got caught, come clean. I think he'd get a lot more respect from people than lying."
Peter here again. I don't think he's showed any signs of wanting respect. Hey Barry, you think it's getting hot now? Wait until the regular season, you total clueless loser. Just a few happy thoughts from me to you, my readers, on an otherwise grey and gloomy Thursday, to be followed by a very special Friday. More on that tomorrow.


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