Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bronson Tomorrow, and ESPN Today.

A nice treat for those lucky enough to be home today around 1:30 will be the ESPN broadcast of the Sox game. And it will be Curt Schilling on the hill, for only the second time facing big league hitters. This will be a time for me to study his mechanics and his effectiveness against the "real deal" hitters that populate this planet, so I will definitely tune in. And tomorrow (Thursday), Bronson Arroyo will face his former team for the first and only time, until the postseason. Now that's a long shot, given Cinncinnati's talent level. But it should be interesting. Here's what Bronson said. "Thursday's going to be beautiful," Arroyo said before last night's Sox-Reds game. ''It's my last start before the regular season, so I know I'm going to be more jacked up for this game than for any other game." Arroyo said he hopes to throw 100 pitches."
***Peter here. It will be sweet to see him pitch, in a sad way. And on a personal note, Billy Joel played last night in Hartford, and I ended up going. It seems a good friend of mine had an extra ticket, and she called me at 7:00 just on the off chance I wanted to go. And of course I said YES, rather loudly! The seats were not as good as the "Reb concert", but they were perfect, "on the side" seats, only 3 rows up. And I had a grand time. Enjoy the beautiful weather slated for the rest of the week here in the Northeast.


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