Thursday, March 16, 2006

Damon Doll Is Voodoo Risen'

Here's a line from an article in the The Daily News referencing Johnnie Damon's shoulder." OK, he's not with the Red Sox. But they're saying his left shoulder hurts so much he can't throw. How could they tell the difference?"
Peter here. This was meant to be funny, but didn't make the grade. But it is a sad commentary on his ability to throw the ball. It's a long season coming up, and the wear and tear of everyday baseball must have the New York team and its fans shuddering with worry. Boy, does that thought bring an automatic smile to you as it does to me? I would be willing to bet that the number of doubles the Yank's staff gives up this year will be higher than the past couple, and the reason? The new centerfielder. I never wish harm upon anyone in any sport, but a little bad luck, harmless in the scheme of life but glorious in that it makes the Yankee front office and fans just a little more miserable, is just plain fun. Hey Jere, you stuck the pins in your Damon Doll with perfect placement! Voodoo risen'.


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