Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Dime Sized Bruise Is Sweet News. And Shades Of '04.

Jonathon Pabelbon is one lucky guy. He only ended up with a small bruise, a bruise the size of a ten cent piece. How sweet! And Curt Schilling, despite the competition, was thrilled that he could go out there and just pitch. That did not happen for him all of last year. He is said to be 10-15 pounds lighter than this time last year, and it shows. College kids or no college kids, he was very happy. And that makes us happy. I will say right here right now that he will come close to or surpass the 20 win level that he breached in '04, as long as the club has an effective closer. Anyone want to make a friendly wager? C'mon.
The news was not as good for Dustin Pedroia, who strained his left shouder and will be sidelined 2 weeks. An MRI revealed no internal damage, but this is a tough time to fall behind, and this is a year where one injury, God forbid, and he could be starting. But I used the "I" word, which is something I hope this year will be known for the lack of. And of course I mean injury.
We will hear from Mr. Wells today or tomorrow. Yawn.....can't wait. But the Papelbon news was a GREAT way to start the day. Off we go, and back I shall be.


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