Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Defense Of Theo. And A Personal Note From A Lifelong Red Sox Fanatic

The day after. I feel the same way. Bronson is a good guy, a great player and fellow team member. But he was expendable. If only he had listened to his agent. Over a six year career, he record is 33-33, with an ERA of around four and a half. His ERA last year was just that, too, although the bullpen certainly allowed some of his inherited men on base to score, inflating that figure somewhat. But there was no one else, save Matt Clement, who wasn't going anywhere, who would have commanded the return of a player the caliber of Wily Mo. Wells? No way his value is close, not in the world of today. And talk about potential? With Papa Jack and some patience at the plate, he will be a force to be reckoned with. So thank you Bronson Arroyo. You will never be forgotten. You were part of the magic that was 2004. And that magic will live inside of all of us forever.
And a quick note from and about me. I first became a Sox fan when Tony C. was in right, Reggie Smith in center, and Yaz in left. Foy at first and Rico at short. There were no Wild Card teams. It was one pennant winner against the other pennant winner for the World Series championship. It was a team with red stockings picked to finish no higher than tenth who shocked us all and finished in first place, and on the last day of the season, in fact not knowing if they had won the pennant until after they had played their last regular season game. I used to go to bed and stay awake with my little transistor radio, hidden from the world under my blankets way past my bedtime, and going to sleep with dreams of Fenway Park, the whack of the bat hitting the ball and the screams of the loving crowd of Sox fans. My experience now blogging, so many years later, has been great. All of you, with two exceptions, people who think their shit doesn't stink, have been tremendous. To the guys at House of Dewey, at least answer a complimentory email that contains a request for a link. And to Beth at Cursed To First, who won't even run my comments, treating them like spam, it's your loss. To me, you do not represent the beauty a true Red Sox fan typifies. You aren't even in the same league. And to those of you who I cherish, reading you everyday with glee, I say thank you. From my heart. You truly are Red Sox fans and good people, and I love every one of you. May the season of 2006 be one we will all cherish. And remember, baseball is a game. Life is life. But the two coexist in harmony. As we do. Take care. Thanks for reading. You are all so special.


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